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2075-12-29 / 2019-04-12

Rotaract club of sainamaina has successfully conducted It's 80th Regular meeting & Official DRR visit Rota year 2018/19 on 12 April at Rotary Read More

"2nd Ps Meet & PETS SETS"

2075-12-23 / 2019-04-06

The Rotaract club of Sainamaina has successfully Participated on " 2nd President Secretary & President Elect Training Seminar - Secretary Read More

"Participation of "Volleyball Tournament-2075"

2075-12-1 / 2019-03-15

The Rotaract club of Sainamaina has successfully Participated on "Late Rtn. Kamal Raj Pathak-PHF Memorial 6th Inter Rotary Rotaract Volleyball Read More


2075-11-11 / 2019-02-23


World Polio Day was established by Rotary International over a decade ago to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk Read More


2075-11-11 / 2019-02-23

The Picnic Fellowship program has been completed in the project of Rotaract club of Sainamaina. The program is done in Butwal, Dabah Milanpark on Read More

" 3 Days RJ Training "

2075-10-21 / 2019-02-04

The signature project of RAC Sainamaina .”Three 3 days RJ Training “program has been completed With participants of 40 +students from 11 Read More

" Stationery Distribution Program "

2075-10-4 / 2019-01-18

The Stationery Distribution program has been completed in the Jointly project of Rotaract club of sainamaina and Rotaract Club of Rudramati Read More


2075-10-4 / 2019-01-18

The Rotaract club of Sainamaina has Successfully Participated On 18 & 19th january, 2019. " 11Th ROTARACT DISTRICT CONFERENCE " 2 days Read More

"Make Our Malmala Clean Phase-III"

2075-9-21 / 2019-01-05

- Malmala temple is one of the famous temples in our locality. It is located in Sainamaina-6. Rotaract club of Sainamaina organized "Make Read More

"ZRR Visit & Club Assembly"

2075-9-21 / 2019-01-05

Rotaract CLub of Sainamaina has Successfully Conducted ZRR Visit & Club Assembly. Thank you so Much Respected Zonal Rotaract Reprezentetive (ZRR Read More

"Dhaka Topi Diwas"

2075-9-18 / 2019-01-02

The Rotaract club of Sainamaina has successfully Conducted & Participated on 6th International Nepali Topi Day was celebrated nation-wide by the Read More

"Traffic Awarness Program"

2075-9-15 / 2018-12-30

The traffic awarness program has been completed in the project of Rotaract club of sainamaina and raneura police station,which has been able to Read More


2075-8-3 / 2018-11-19

On the occasion TIHAR the festival of light ,The Rotaract Club of Sainamaina has succsesfully celebrated the Deusi Bhailo for 3 days with full Read More


2075-6-3 / 2018-09-19

On the occasion of Constitution Day celebration Rotaract club of sainamaina has succesfully conducted Sainamaina-4 Murgiya. Constitution of Nepal Read More


2075-5-29 / 2018-09-14

On the ocasion of "CHILDRENS DAY" Rotaract club of sainamaina has succesfully conducted AVIYAN BAAL GRIHA Sainamaina 1 Bankatta the Read More


2075-5-22 / 2018-09-07

On the occasion of Teej Rotaract Club of Sainamaina has succesfully conducted and completed " ROTARACT SISTER RECOGNITION PROGRAM " In the Read More


2075-5-2 / 2018-08-18

Rotaract Club of Tinau city Organized First Zonal Muddy Football Tournament in support with Zone XI and XII Clubs.

First of all Congratulation to Read More

"Zonal Club Officers Training " ( COTS)

2075-4-26 / 2018-08-11

The Rotaract club of Sainamaina has successfully participated the Zonal COTS and succeeded to achieve the #third_highest participation in Read More

" Sewa Sangai Dharma "

2075-4-20 / 2018-08-05

During the project of Rotaract club of sainamaina ,who lives in Sainamaina 1, has completed the program for providing religious service to parroha Read More


2075-4-19 / 2018-08-04


"3rd Club Installation & Chartered Night Ceremony "

2075-4-6 / 2018-07-22

Rotaract Club of Sainamaina concluded its grand "3rd Club Installation & Chartered Night Ceremony" on evening of 22th July 2018, with Read More

"World AIDS Day"

2074-8-15 / 2017-12-01

Rotaract club of sainamaina celebrate "World AIDS Day " with its slogan "The AIDS is a disease that is hard to talk about " on Read More

"Cricket Game"

2074-8-15 / 2017-12-01

Glimpse of Kathmandu Infosys presents 1st Rotaract Cup National Level Super Six Cricket tournaments in association with Harbour College.

December Read More

"Free Health Camp"

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

Focusing on the Rotary six areas of focus, Rotaract club of Sainamaina did a free health camp project dated 11th November, 2017 at Gaidahawa village Read More

"Club Assembly & ZRR Visit"

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

At the quarter of rota year, ZRR visit is conducted by every club to give the presentation on what the club has planned and done till the initial few Read More

"World Polio Day"

2074-7-7 / 2017-10-24

Rotaract Club of Sainamaina celebrated "World Polio Day" by participating in the Grand End Polio Rally organized jointly by different club Read More

"Dhaka Topi Sangai Daju Bhai Samman"

2074-7-1 / 2017-10-18

On the auspicious occasion of great festival of we Nepalese i.e. Tihar the ladies members of Rotaract Club of Sainamaina organized a surprise Read More

"Global Hand Wash Day"

2074-6-29 / 2017-10-15

Rotaract Club of Sainamaina celebrated "Global Hand Wash Day" with its slogan "Our Hand, Our Future!" on 15th October, 2017 at Read More

"3 Days RJ & Journalism Training"

2074-6-28 / 2017-10-14

For the professional development in community level RAC Sainamaina organized the "3 Days RJ & Journalism Training" at Star Dance Read More

"Make Our Malmala Temple Clean Phase-II"

2074-6-7 / 2017-09-23

In the occasions of Bijayadashami and Suva Dipawali we member of RAC SAINAMAINA organized "MAKE OUR MALMALA TEMPLE CLEAN-2" on September Read More

"Children Day Celebration Program"

2074-5-29 / 2017-09-14

In the occasion of children day. The celebration program organized by RAC Sainamaina to the handicapped and orphan children for short entertainment Read More

"Rotaractors Sisters Recognition & Teej Fellowship Program"

2074-5-7 / 2017-08-23

On the auspicious occasion of Teej Program RAC Sainamaina organized Sisters Recognition and Dar Feeding fellowship Program at Barbari Restaurant Read More

"Water Filter Distribution"

2074-4-32 / 2017-08-16

Water filter sponsored by Rtr. Prakash Neupane in the occasion of his birth day.

No of Participants: 26
Read More

"Flood Relief Material Collection"

2074-4-30 / 2017-08-14

Program Coordinator: Rtr. Parbesh Regmi.
Read More

"Tree Plantation Program"

2074-4-28 / 2017-08-12

With the slogan of "Plant Tree and Save Life", RAC Sainamaina organized Tree Plantation Ground of Program at Parroha Multiple Campus and Read More

"Fellowship & Service at Bolbam Dham Mandir"

2074-4-2 / 2017-07-17

Program Coordinator: Rtr. Bandana Neupane

Participants Rotaractors: 25
Read More

"Blood Donation Program"

2074-3-31 / 2017-07-15

Program Coordinator: Rtr. Keshav Panday

Blood Collection: 49 Pints
Read More

"2nd Installation & Charter Night Celebration"

2074-3-25 / 2017-07-09

Chief Guest: Rtn. Chitra Bahadur Karki, Mayor of Sainamaina Municipality.

Guest : DRR Rtr. Hari Chandra Satyal

Zone 16 AG Rtn. Balkrishna Aryal Read More

Make our Malmala Clean Second Phase

2017-01-23 / 2017-01-23

Malmala temple is one of the famous temples in our locality. It is located in Sainamaina-11. Rotaract club of Sainamaina organized "Make our Read More

Children's Day Drawing Competition

2016-09-14 / 2016-09-14


On the ocasion of the Children's Day, Rotaract Club of Sainamaina had organized "Drawing Competition" among the Read More

Charter Presentation Ceremony

2016-09-10 / 2016-09-10

Rotaract club of Sainamaina organized it First Chartered Night on dated on 11th September, 2016, where the guests from District plus the Rotarian Read More

Dar and Food Distribution Program to Orphanage Child.

2016-08-25 / 2016-08-25

On the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmasthami , Rotaract Club of Sainamaina organised a programme called Dar and food distribution program for Read More

Drinking water distribution to Devotee and sanitation around Temple.

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Parroha Bolbam Dham is the one of the renowned temple of God Shiva , which is located just  about 12KM far from the Butwal. On the month of Read More

Club Orientation

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Rotaract Sainamaina concluded its oriented program on dated 6th August 2016. Club President was the chair person of the program likewise ADLT Rtr Read More

Winter Wear Support Program

2016-01-04 / 2016-01-04

Rotaract Club of Sainamaina organized the "Winter Wear Support Program" on 4th January at Shree Sadabodara primary school for supporting Read More

Make our Malmala clean First Phase

2017-12-05 /

Rotaract Club of Sainamaina organized the cleaning campgain at Malmala Temple Located at Sainamaina-10, Rupandehi. Malmala temple is historic Read More

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